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xzm Ultrafine Mill Works

xzm ultrafine mill working chamber, from the bottom of the mill drag rotating roller scaffolds driven centrifugal force, continue to accept at the sides of the grinding ring and inlet located below the scraper conveyor material evenly between the roller and grinding ring, at the same time below continuous grinding ring a lot of a lot of air into the drum, the grinding material blown off the top of the working chamber grader, qualified powder sent to the next process step, the larger particles along the tube wall grading after grinding falling again again and again.

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xzm Ultrafine Mill

xzm ultrafine mill technical content

xzm series of ultra-fine grinding is my company in combination with one foreign advanced production technology to produce dedicated to the ultra-fine powder production equipment, which has a series of advantages, such as it is rugged run in the production line is relatively stable, such as said device having a closed system by making better environmental performance of the equipment, which help society become more popular an efficient low consumption environmentally friendly production equipment.

Materials range xzm ultrafine mill can produce

xzm ultrafine mill equipment is an equipment used to produce ultra-fine powder, so the device can produce material size must be between 10-20 mm, and the device can be used to produce dolomite, calcite and other paints, paper and many other industries require production of raw materials, equipment production capacity is relatively high, in a production line can generally reach 4-12 tons per hour.

xzm ultrafine mill Features

xzm series of ultrafine grinding is based on years of accumulated experience in the production of the mill, absorbing the Swedish advanced manufacturing technology, and after years of testing and improvements and the development of a new type of ultra-fine powder (325-2500 mesh )Processing Equipment. The ultra-fine grinding is widely used in paint, paper, paint, rubber, plastics, fillers, cosmetics, chemicals and other industries.

  1. xzm ultrafine mill, high output, low energy consumption. In the product fineness and motor power the same circumstances, xzm ultrafine powder mill and mixing mill output 40 percent higher than the jet mill, and its energy consumption is only one-third of the jet mill;
  2. Product fineness. Product fineness can be adjusted according to the needs uses between 325 mesh -2500 mesh, a one-time product fineness up to D97 less than or equal to 5um;
  3. xzm ultrafine mill safety and high reliability. By grinding chamber without rolling, no screws, so the bearings and seals vulnerable problems and damage to the machine screw loose and there is no problem;
  4. Clean, environmentally friendly. Pulse dust collector and muffler used to reduce the noise and dust pollution, meet national environmental standards.