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Bauxite is not a scarce resource , but it is really difficult to process materials. We all know that aluminum oxide crystals are corundum, Mohs hardness of 9 , the processing is very difficult to wear the device for more serious . Bauxite is the number of long-term weathering rocks enriched form a hydrated alumina minerals , which is called clay. In our case the company has done , most customers is processed bauxite , bauxite is natural because calcined bauxite formation has been stripped of the structure of the water, so hard will increase, so we can not expect it to be like grinding gypsum, lime production as should yield objective to face reality .

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Bauxite grinding mill structure and composition

Bauxite grinding machine configuration includes a full set of hammer crusher , bucket elevator , storage hopper, vibrating feeder, micro-grinding hosts , frequency classifier, double cyclone powder collector , pulse dust removal system , high pressure air , air compressor , electrical control systems. Purchase our customers around the high pressure mill for processing bauxite in the world has . Capacity of the actual situation in our bauxite grinding mill grinding process bauxite ( 200 mesh ) when between 2.2-3 tons. And this capacity range is also widely recognized and accepted by local customers as bauxite hard, hard grind has become a well-recognized fact that so our high pressure mill in the local market but there is an increasing trend . After a reasonable assessment of science , our bauxite grinding mill or in the processing of bauxite with international advanced , and our reasonable prices , high cost, we are also one of the famous mill brand. Bauxite grinding mill manufacturers, we are your best choice . If you have any questions you can leave us a message, or contact our online customer service, we are happy to serve you.